Our services use an all hazards approach to preparedness and mitigation, based upon the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to guide and assist clients in implementing field proven, time tested techniques.

Emergency Preparedness

We assist the client in developing plans, procedures, and determining necessary logistics to mitigate hazards

Contingency Planning

Despite the best planning, bad things still happen. Having contingency plans to minimize lost time is a smart investment in your company’s future

Continuity Operations

Goes along with contingency planning. Continuity operations are those outside of normal operations. For example, your primary location is forced to evacuate because of a natural hazard such as wildfires or hurricane, how do you maintain contact with your clients and suppliers? We can assist in this process, because we understand that time lost, is money lost.


Security Assessments

Businesses face a variety of threats. We gather and analyze data from law enforcement, business groups, FEMA and other agencies, perform a site survey and provide a straight-forward analysis. Depending on the needs and desires of the client we can recommend procedures and equipment to keep your employees and assets secure

Exercise Design

Exercises can take many forms. Table-top exercises are a way for executives and managers to look at the logistical support needed during different scenarios, and drills help train employees in emergency operations (you do perform regular fire drills, so your employees know the emergency exits, right?). This protects you and your customers in the event of a emergency.